Binding Outcomes of Learning to Development



Health Systems Educational Services works with educators, parents, and the community to create  learning environments that support the health and well-being of all children.

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Who are We?



No matter the service, our employees work to Bind Outcomes of Learning to Development! Learn about our consultants, company history, and relevant news to the early childhood environment by clicking below.

Services Offered



We offer certified support for all pillars of early childhood licensing, including:

Barefoot Books



Let our ambassadors assist in finding high quality, culturally diverse books to stock the classrooms of your early childhood program OR plan a school-wide fundraising event that supports early literacy and also gives back to your school!

What is Happening in the Early Childhood World?

Scroll through to see trending topics in the early childhood field. Follow us to get real-time updates!

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News & Articles

Recommended Spring Reading List (Buzzfeed)

On this list you will find children's stories that encourage kindness towards others. Several quick and fun reads! Learn more


Tinkering is Serious Play (ASCD)

Gas-powered Roman chariots, singing greeting cards, play dough circuit boards, and homemade voltage detectors are just a few of the science projects you might see when you apply a maker approach to STEM education.The maker movement celebrates creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship through the design and construction of physical objects. Maker activities may come across as playful, even slightly wacky, explosions of inventiveness. See More...


Talking to Learn (ASCD)

Why are student-driven discussions worth the effort? Three reasons: learning, freedom, and fun. See More...


All the Time They Need (ASCD)

Waiting in silence for students to think before responding can, at first, be uncomfortable for everyone. But oh, the insights they'll share! See More...